Molly Burke

Portfolio and Resumé

Investigative data journalist

Over the years, my favorite reporting experiences have been focused on current issues and events in my own community: illegal sales of vaping paraphernalia to high school students from a local smoke shop; the fatal shooting of Officer Natalie Corona in my hometown of Davis; facing down business owners who harassed me while I reported on their violations of COVID-19 safety restrictions in downtown Sacramento; digging through data to report daily on the pandemic and nearby wildfires across California.

Through it all, investigating what is hidden from the public eye has motivated and inspired me. The most fulfilling stories I have reported have shared a common thread: persistent digging to find answers. I long to share my important work with the community around me.

Investigative data journalism is about shining light on what’s hidden from the public, questioning everything and using empathy to tell difficult stories. My curiosity, dedication and persistence propel me throughout my work as a journalist.